More than just e-mail, Organite Mail provides a fully integrated Calendar, Contacts and tasks solution too, providing you a full featured Exchange alternative for all your businesses needs at a fraction of the cost of on-premises or hosted Exchange.


Secured by Trend Micro Organite Mail offer's cutting edge E-mail Security and Anti-Spam protection. Easily and permanently block unwanted Spammers, Securely browse e-mail without fear of virus filled attachments, safe, secure, Organite Mail.


iOS, Android, Blackberry OS choose whichever platform you prefer with Organite mail. Designed from the ground up for maximum compatability with all platforms, you can be sure that whatever mobile device you choose, your Organite account will fully integrate.


Based on the rock solid reliability of the CentOS server operating system and built around the awesome Zimbra group ware solution. Mix in a little of the latest in Cloud Technology including an advanced snapshot backup solution and you can be sure that your precious data is safe and secure, even in the event of accidental deletions.


Organite Mail works with a number of email and groupware clients including the free open source Mozilla Thunderbird as well as Apple Mail, Calendar and Addres Book. Unfortunatly we are unable to support Microsoft Outlook due to it's proprietary link to Exchange server.


Not a fan of mail clients or Outlook? Organite mail comes with a full-featured web client as well as a desktop client included so you can have full featured, multi-platform groupware solution, without the expense of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Never Backup Again

All of your data, secure, in the cloud automatically, without any change to your working practises. Simply save to your computer as normal and enjoy the peace of mind of cloud backup as well as the flexibility of accessing your data securely anytime, anywhere.

ZFS Storage

With our back end designed around the ZFS combined file system and logical volume manager by Sun Microsystems. We are able to protect your data against corruption and distribute it across multiple data centers providing the highest performance and uptime.

Open Source

Based on the reknowned open source product OwnCloud Organite store offers all the plugins available in the community as well as the benefits of our rock solid ZFS storage array, the future of cloud at your fingertips.

Access Anywhere

Computer Crashed? Need urgent access to that critical file? With Organite Store, simply log into your account from any Internet connection and enjoy secure, lightning fast access to all of your data.

Fully Scalable

With 30GB personal accounts starting at just £3.50 and Multi User server accounts starting at £20.50 for 250GB you can be sure that Organite store will grow with your business, offering


With clients available for synchronization in Windows, Linux, or Mac OS and clients for Android and iOS you can enjoy true freedom in your choice of computing platform.

Organite Mail £ 2.49/mo ex VAT

Multi platform

25GB Mailbox

Advanced Calendar and Contacts

Full-Featured Webclient

Mobile Compatible

Store Personal from £ 3.50/mo ex VAT

30GB - 2TB Capacity

Access Your Files Online

Recover Deleted Files

Recover Previous Versions

Unlimited Support

STORE BUSINESS from £ 20.50/mo ex VAT

250GB - 5TB Capacity

Include 5 Personal Accounts

Shared Files and Folders

All your files on the road

Work From Home

Model Variant Store Personal Store Server
30GB £3.50 pcm N/A
100GB £8.50 pcm N/A
250GB 5 Server Users £16.50 pcm £20.50 pcm
500GB 10 Server Users £29.50 pcm £38.50 pcm
1TB 20 Server Users £54.50 pcm £73.50 pcm
2TB 40 Server Users £99.50 pcm £138.50 pcm
3TB 60 Server Users N/A £199.50 pcm
5TB 100 Server Users N/A £299.50 pcm